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925 Sterling Silver Rings
Silver rings for men and women. We have this special website for sterling silver ring studded with precious and semi precious gemstones. We have nice collection for Anniversary sliver rings. Also we have Engagement silver rings. You can gift solid plain silver ring on Father’s Day.925 Sterling Silver Rings Now a days Graduation ring is very popular. We have nice rings for Mother’s Day gift.925 Sterling Silver Rings You can also select the new Promise rings. For Valentine’s Day rings we have many heart shape rings. 925 Sterling silver Rings India For Wedding we have paired silver rings. Our silver rings comes with all type of precious and semi precious Gemstone.925 Sterling Silver Rings in ring we have gems stones such as Abalone rings, Agate rings , Alexandrite rings , Amazonite rings , Amber rings, Amethyst rings, Ametrine rings , Andalusite rings, Apatite rings , Aquamarine rings , Bloodstone rings , Carnelian rings, Cat’s Eye rings , Chalcedony rings , Chrome Diopside rings , Citrine rings, Coral rings, Crystal rings , Cubic Zirconia rings , Diamond rings , Emerald rings , Garnet rings , Glass rings, Golden Beryl rings , Iolite rings , Jade rings , Jadeite rings , Jasper rings , Kunzite rings , Labradorite rings , Lapis Lazuli rings , Malachite rings, Marcasite rings, Moonstone rings, Morganite rings , Obsidian rings , Olivine rings , Onyx rings, Opal rings , Pearl rings , Pearl (Cultured) rings , Pearl (Freshwater) rings, Peridot rings, Rhodolite rings, Rose Quartz rings, Rubellite Tourmaline rings, Ruby rings, Sapphire rings, Smoky Quartz rings, Spessartite rings, Spinel rings, Swarovski Crystal rings, Tanzanite rings, Tiger’s Eye rings , Topaz rings, Tourmaline rings, Tsavorite rings, Turquoise rings, Zircon rings , All Specialty Rings in ring Rings. 925 Sterling Silver Rings India.We also produce silver Antique Rings with old and mysterious look. We also have Baby Rings for children’s in silver.925 Sterling Silver Rings For Birthstone Rings you can choose any of the birthstone from list and email us to make a custom made order of that ring. For Bridal Set ring please give order in advance. We also have Claddagh Rings 925 Sterling Silver Rings . we have classic Class & Masonic Rings. We have multi stones Cocktail Rings to be in fashion. For any sort of text Engraved Rings please email us with the text you want. 925 Sterling silver Rings India.Eternity Bands are popular among ladies. 925 Sterling Silver Rings Not long ago we also introduce Right-Hand Rings in sterling silver with and without gemstones and plain silver rings.925 Sterling Silver Rings We have many styles in Three-Stone Rings they symbol of three stones are past present and future I will love you always you can also gift silver rings on friendship day, graduation day, valentine day, mothers day, or any day to make it special. These are always affordable and you can wear it daily.925 Sterling Silver Rings925 Sterling Silver Rings We also have some Toe Rings. 925 Sterling silver Rings India.Mainly you can divide Silver rings in these types.925 Sterling Silver Rings Silver rings for women. Jewelry is made to be women and rings are the essential beauty of the in finger you are and show off you personality to other.925 Sterling Silver Rings It also enhance you look of hand but also matches with your outfit to give complete look. These are always a choice of ring for any age group. For instance a girls and teens should or may wear delicate, elegant and simple styles with one or two stones rings. They also have some eternity bands to match any dresses. So they look young and charming.925 Sterling Silver Rings For mid teen to young girls it is better to have little bold rings with texture and some art work on top.925 Sterling Silver Rings And for engaged and married woman they can wear three stone rings or and nice birthstone ring. For ladies it is good to wear thick and bold and big stone ring with solid silver and big stone and lo of art work so that it shows that you care for art and age is making more beautiful out of you.You can have many type of ring in your collection ins silver.925 Sterling Silver Rings With some plain solid silver bands to stone studded and art work and Indian style and Bali style ring. So that you can think what you wear for evening and accordingly you can wear and match with fashion trends. 925 Sterling silver Rings India

Have you seen similar silver jewelry jewellery sold at price difference of two to three times from different retailers? Have you ever wondered how retailers mark up the jewelry jewellery after they get them from the venders? Here we will show you the wholesale trading secrets of 925 Sterling Silver Ring India silver jewelry jewellery. Price per gram The most important piece of information for determining the price of a piece of 925 Sterling Silver Ring India silver jewelry jewellery is the price per gram of the silver. This is the fundamental raw material cost of a piece of 925 Sterling Silver Ring India silver jewelry jewellery due to the fact that silver is considered a precious metal. For instance, the price for silver is $9.5 per ounce, the price per gram is determined by dividing the price per ounce by 31.5, which is 30 cents. Therefore, the cost for the raw material for a 5 gram wedding band ring is roughly $1.5. Some might wonder why people would pay $30 for a silver wedding ring when the silver only cost $1.5. The followings will explain the difference. Labor cost To turn raw material into finished goods, it involves a great deal of processing cost. The metal itself has to be melted, molded and cast, polished and assembled. Most of the times, silver jewelry jewellery is accented with various stones, the costs for setting the stones are also a major part of the total cost for jewelry jewellery, especially for jewelry jewellery that requires high level of craftsmanship. Other materials Also, the costs for any additional material are added to the jewelry jewellery. For instance, a pair silver pearl dangle earrings that has two cultural fresh water pearls with rhodium finish should cost double the price of the silver to make because of the cost of the pearl and rhodium. Note that rhodium is even more expensive than silver itself and it is high tarnish resistant. Shipping cost Many styles of jewelry jewellery are imported from other countries because of difference in availability of raw materials such as stones and also the specialties in making some particular styles. Hence the shipping cost of transporting is also part of the cost. Usually, for imported 925 Sterling Silver Ring India silver jewelry jewellery, the shipping cost can amount to 10% of what it costs to make the jewelry jewellery themselves. Custom Duties For the same reasons, imported jewelry jewellery incurs duties at the custom. This is a cost that normal consumers are not aware of but it can also increase the price of 925 Sterling Silver Ring India silver jewelry jewellery for 5% to 10%. Price fluctuations Some 925 Sterling Silver Ring India silver jewelry jewellery trader, especially wholesaler would associate the price of the jewelry jewellery with the current silver price. Therefore, the price of a piece of 925 Sterling Silver Ring India silver jewelry jewellery might be different from month to month, and even day to day in the case of wholesale. Business Overhead Just like any other business, the sales have to cover also the overhead of running the business. Normal overhead costs are employees’ salaries, rent, utilities and breakage. Profit Of course, the price you pay includes the profit for the sellers. By knowing the above facts, you can make much more informed decisions when buying wholesale 925 Sterling Silver Ring India silver jewelry jewellery and most importantly, avoid scams. There are occasions when people make fake silver jewelry jewellery and sell them at a very low price. If you know how to determine the cost of a piece of silver jewelry jewellery, you won’t buy into deals where they offer you a price that is lower than the normal cost of real 925 Sterling Silver Ring India silver jewelry jewellery.

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