Natural Gemstone Faincy Faceted Amethyst rings new years day


Amethyst Natural Gemstone supply Ring- Sterling Silver Purple Amethyst Ring – Amethyst Ring, Sterling Silver, Purple, wholesales jewelry, Gemstones ring, sister gift, on sale, , Ring wholesales jewelry, Amethyst Natural Gemstone , Ring gift for new years day **** One thing that has been known for a long time, on the other hand, is the fact that the amethyst changes its colour on being heated. Smoky stones are transformed at temperatures of as little as 250 degrees to a shining yellow to brownish-red, whilst clear ones, i.e. those with a high degree of transparency, become yellow or colourless at 400 degrees. Now and then Nature gives us a surprise by having created bicoloured stones, like the ones recently found in Bolivia in the form of ca usticised crystal nuggets. This variety is known as ametrine, for in its formation certain energy states of iron introduce violet areas to the yellow citrine. At best, flat jewellery with a three-spoked star can be cut from it. However, the highlight for esoterics is that the energy fields can in fact be made visible in polarised light. The Henn Brothers of Idar-Oberstein even supply the photos to go with it.