Real Gemstones Faincy Faceted Green Amethyst rings anniversary


Green Amethyst Real Gemstones jewelry Ring- Solid Silver Green Green Amethyst Ring – Green Amethyst Ring, Solid Silver, Green, designer jewelry, Gems rings, mom birthday gift, fine jewelry, nice selling items, Ring designer jewelry, Green Amethyst Real Gemstones, Ring gift for labour day **** The Bible tells us of a jewelled breastplate worn by Aaron, the high priest of the Hebrews. It contained twelve precio us stones. The amethyst was the third stone in the third row. In the New Testament, these stones became the foundation of the New Jer usalem described in Revelation. Each gemstone was identified with a prophet. The amethyst stood for Math’s, who had the gift of tongues and was filled with the desire to please God.